HydroTec Update

Apr 25 2012

HydroTec Fans - We are working very hard toward select field testing. Our timeline has caused much anticipation and we know there isn't much we can say to satisfy everyone's opinion. Just know, we are still focused and we want to thank those who have supported us since day one. To each member of the HydroTec production team, thank you for the hard work and effort. Keep up the great work! We will get there and when we do, it's going to kick a*$.


Body Shots - HydroTec vs. Other Field Grade Paint

Mar 07 2012



Sep 15 2011

Here are a few photos taken last week of test batches made at HydroTec. HydroTec Test Batch


Message from HQ!

Sep 08 2011

HT fans! Sorry if there have been any delays in answering your questions, sometimes we just don't have enough information to give back to you. Going forward we will continue to do the best we can with the new information that will be coming our way! Paul finally took a vacation last week and we are so happy he did because he hasn't had one in over 2 years! We definitely think he deserved that time away. This week, Paul is back at the HT lab continuing to work on getting the product absolutely right. The energy here is good, the HT team continues to focus on making the best product possible for you. Many thanks to all the loyal HydroTec fans continuing to support us out there, you know who you are..


Update from the President

Aug 10 2011

Via Facebook.."The plan is to begin limited production of HydroTec this August but we have not yet set our launch date. We plan to release samples and do some field testing to get feedback before a full scale invasion of HydroTec occurs. Our hope was to release in late January 2011, and yes that went by the wayside for more reasons than output capacity. As I have said, no one at HydroTec wants to be behind schedule, and we are working as hard as we can at it everyday, and have been for my case years." - Paul Ciesiun